Dually 2

The Dually Bags ride right on your hips. Weight that is carried here is transferred straight onto the large, rigid bones of your hips and legs, which are moved by the largest muscles in the body. It feels pretty unnoticeable compared to that same weight being carried on the soft tissues and muscles of the shoulders. There is an obvious limit to how much space you have here but dense, heavy items (like food) carry great here. When running and walking these don’t bounce much. Your hips move counter to the usual bouncing motion while running/walking and the dual strap allows for maximum adjustability to secure the load. The Dually bags allow for easy access of the contents and the system can be spun to the front/rear if a backpack is not in the way.

Dually 2 bags are meant to be used with a running vest style backpack that rides up high on the upper back. They can be used to carry quite a bit of weight on the hips and leave the backpack to carry a lighter load. The two strap connection keeps them from bouncing and allows you to adjust how they sit on your hips. Weight distributed in each bag counterbalances so that the weight sits on your hip bones without cantilevering. Dually’s are kept pretty low profile and the roll top/cinch straps allow you to cinch the load close but they can slightly interfere with arm movement when packed full. Check the dimensions to make sure they will work for you.


Each bag, unrolled is approximately 10.5″ wide x 14.5″ tall x 3.5″ thick. The rear connectors are approximately 2.5″ long. The total wrap of the bag, plus the rear connector width is approximately 23.5″. The front cinch straps and buckles reach approximately 13″. The max circumference of the whole system is approximately 49″. The 4 side pockets are each approximately 9″ tall with a max adjustable circumference of approximately 13.5″. Weight is approximately 9.5oz



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