Large Lumber Pack

Unrolled size 15″ x 11″ x 5″ plus 2 side pockets and 2 belt pockets. 2 cinch straps can be used for rolled items on the outside or to further secure heavy/bulky items in the side pockets. It is built with extremely durable 210d Robic pack material. Weight is approximately 10oz.


Fill this with many days of food supply and pair it with a smaller, running pack style backpack for an ultra light, well distributed fast packing load that you can comfortably run in without much bouncing. It also increases mobility and provides incredibly easy access to items while moving. It also works great as a day pack on it’s own or for those who might want to experiment with a lumbar pack based, multi day SUL fast packing load.

The dual attachment point hip belt keeps a heavy food load secure so that it doesn’t bounce up and down. Each strap can be adjusted individually to fine tune the anti-bounce feature to different loads. By taking the heavy food load out of a back pack, it distributes the overall load with part carried by the shoulders and part carried by the hips. A framed back pack can distribute the load between shoulders and hips but since it’s connected through the pack it tends to be awkward to run in. When running the shoulders and hips move in opposite directions. The shoulders move up, while the hips move down. Separating the load allows this motion to happen with much less bouncing, while also evenly distributing the overall load. Unframed back packs with no hip belt suffer from a different issue for running. Since there is no counter attachment to the shoulder straps, each step bounces the pack off the shoulders which then comes crashing back down onto the shoulders as you take the next step up and forward. They also carry the entire load on the shoulders, which is plenty manageable when it’s an ultralight load. However, separating even an ultralight load can be nice.

A framed pack can limit mobility by reducing the movement allowed through the back. By carrying separate loads on the shoulders and the hips, the two body parts are allowed to move, bend, and twist uninhibited.

This lumber pack can carry many days worth of food in one accessible place. This can be a real advantage. Instead of stopping to dig down to the bottom of a back pack, the entire food supply can be spun around on the hips and accessed while on the move, while also providing a little shelf to hold things on as you walk.



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