Handmade outdoor gear

The made-to-order lead time is approximately 12 weeks

The lead time is an approximate estimation and not a hard deadline. The time it takes us to work through our list of orders can vary and since we are so small, there isn't much we can do about it. Please leave a buffer when planning trips.




Given our limited production capacity, ordering will be limited to a certain thresholds, depending on our output level at the time. Currently, our capacity will reset monthly, starting at 12 am EST on the first of the month. At that point, the site will appear as normal, with ordering open. Once the total approaches the limit, a banner will pop up on all shop and product pages that shows the amount left. If the item says "available on backorder" but the cart function is missing or inoperative, this means there is not enough capacity for the item you are trying to add. If you see "Out-of-Stock" labels on items, this means that those items have sold out for the month. Items that do not have "Out-of-Stock" labels are still available for purchase at this time. Typically these are the On-the-Shelf page items, which are usually made available throughout the month, even when the made-to-order items are unavailable. Please follow our Instagram for updates on ordering changes.


International customers - International shipping is less reliable than our domestic postal service. While issues are infrequent, Timmermade does not have the capacity to be responsible for delays or lost items due to customs or foreign postal services. Order at your own risk. FWIW, the issues we've encountered have been mostly Australia and Asian countries.


If you have any questions that are not answered on the site, please email timmermade@gmail.com