TIMMERMADE MONTHLY ORDERING CAPACITY HAS $0.00 DOLLARS OF SPACE REMAINING! Monthly capacity will reset at 12am EST on the first of the month. Once the capacity gets close to filling up, a banner will appear that shows the remaining space. If the item says "available on backorder" but the cart function is missing or inoperative, this means there is not enough capacity for the item you are trying to add, or that there is no capacity left. If you see "out of stock" labels on items while the monthly capacity is still open, this means that only certain items are available to order, usually the items in the On-the-Shelf page. These are usually made available throughout the month, even when made-to-order purchases are filled up. Timmermade production capacity is limited. Every item is handmade, to-order, all in-house. Thank you for your patience.