The Sizing Process

There is no doubt, the sizing system that we use here at Timmermade is unique. Often times, when a process is different, it can be misunderstood as complicated because our brains are “worn in” to a different process. Usually the path of least resistance is to stick to the status quo and not question it. However, that just really isn’t what Timmermade set out to do. I want to analyze the status quo whenever possible. If it makes the most sense because it’s tried and true, then great. If not, I think we should not be afraid to go back to the drawing board. Sizing is one area where it made a lot of sense to re-think things a bit. If we are able to set our preconceived notions on sizing aside for a moment and take a look at this system with fresh eyes, it tends to look really, really simple. Instead of dealing in body measurements and estimating your desired fit for you, we deal with actual garment dimensions and let you decide how you want it to fit. It is like if you were purchasing a car and looking into how it’ll fit in your garage. The car manufacturer could ask you the measurements of your garage, assume how much room you want around it for other things, and then recommend a car size……OR…..they could provide you with the dimensions of all their cars so that you can figure out what size you want based on the dimensions of your garage and how much room you want around the car for other things. The previous scenario could work for mass produced items because if the company got the assumptions wrong, you can just exchange for another size. Transitioning back to clothing from the car analogy, you can just hang the wrong size back up and send out the next size. For small, internet-based, made-to-order operations, this system doesn’t really make a ton of sense. It’s really best to be as accurate as possible and to put the power in the hands of the customer.

Obviously this requires the customer to be open minded enough to understand the process, be able to take accurate measurements, and have the critical thinking skills to brainstorm what garment dimensions will work best for their purposes. Since it is outside of the norm, I provide thorough explanations and try to be as available as possible for consultation to help folks through the process. The reality is that, in today’s culture, it isn’t going to be for everybody. Some folks don’t want to think about it and just want to be told what to get. I’m not necessarily saying there is anything wrong with that, but that isn’t the right fit for Timmermade. As it should be, there are big performance rewards for those who really analyze their gear choices, and the same generally applies to sizing. Humans don’t come in standard sizes and so a custom sizing option really makes a lot of sense for made-to-order clothing. The custom sizing option makes the garment dimensions based model look even more attractive. The consumer can simply measure the sleeves of a garment that fits them well and write that in. Or simply run a tape measure down their arm to where they want the sleeve to reach and enter it. It is as straightforward as it gets.



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