Alpha Direct 4004 Pants

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The Alpha Direct 4004 Pants are ultralight pants built with Polartec Alpha Direct 4004 fabric. They are an excellent intense activity insulation layer that pairs perfectly with a wind shell for a very light, modular system. The structure of the fabric is very open, with fluffy tufts between. When you aren’t moving it keeps you surprisingly warm for such a light garment (4.5oz). When you are working hard and moving your excess body heat and moisture moves freely through the fabric to the outside. You can instantly feel this action when you put one on. If you stand still it feels very warm. Swing your arm, even just a little bit and you can feel the air cool you. Obviously, due to this action, it will not do much to insulate you if it is windy, as the wind cuts through it like it isn’t even there. That is why it is best paired with a wind shell. The combination together becomes a warm, versatile, and modular system. The wind shell alone is enough to insulate a little bit and protect you from evaporative cooling in high winds. It is important to select a wind shell that has some breathability such as the Argon Wind Pants or Hyper D Wind Pants The Alpha Direct alone will insulate you when you’re working hard and need really high breathability. Put the two together and you get a very warm system when winds kick up and the temp really drops or you want static insulation at camp. This can’t compare to a true static insulator like a puffy, but with a total weight around 6 ounces for the two (1.5oz Argon shell, 4.5oz Alpha insulation), they cover a lot of conditions for very little weight.

Alpha Direct Pants – Approximately 4.5oz (medium)

Available in Castor Grey, Olive, Coyote Brown, and Rhubarb Red


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