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Alpha Direct Hat (Stock)


One size fits most.

We have a few red hats that are heads 23″ or less.

Help us make use of all our Alpha Direct scraps here in the shop! These hats are a great ultralight head insulation piece. They’re ideal for use with a shell jacket hood. Combined with a shell hood, one of these hats can provide quite a bit of insulation but by removing the hood and leaving the hat on, it provides very little insulation. This is the beauty in the design of this fabric. You can stay comfortable in a wide range of conditions by adjusting the shell but leaving the insulation layer alone.

These 4008 hats weigh around- 0.7oz

These 4004 hats weigh around – 0.5oz

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4004 Bright Red / Orange, 4004 Light Grey, 4004 Olive, 4008 Light Blue, 4004 Dusty Blue, 4008 Black, 4004 Bright Yellow


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