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The Climashield Pullover/Jacket is a warm, breathable, fast drying, wet environment, active insulation layer with good ventilation. The full zip version can be put on (backwards) without removing a backpack for convenience and so that it won’t get compressed under the pack or it’s straps. It uses 2.5oz/yd2 Climashield Apex synthetic insulation and a Cloud 71 durable mesh inner shell. You have the choice of either an Argon 67 outer shell for around 50cfm air permeability or a Cloud 71 outer shell for 1000+cfm air permeability. The pullover version can be built with a collar or the adjustable 3 piece hood.

Total weight – 7.5oz (small full zip with collar), 9oz (small full zip with 3 piece hood)

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Climashield synthetic insulation is great for wet/moist environments as it holds it’s loft, doesn’t absorb much water, and dries fast. It’s insulation value is much higher than fleeces/soft shells and it’s continuous filament construction loses very few microplastic fibers. A Cloud 71 durable mesh inner shell feels soft against the skin when moist instead of the sticky/clammy nylon shell materials. It allows for extremely fast dry time, as moisture can pass right through the mesh uninhibited. Since air can pass right through the mesh and the Climashield insulation, the only thing really inhibiting air transfer is the outer shell. You can select Argon 67 for around 50cfm, which is a good balance of windproof to breathability. Or you can select Cloud 71 durable mesh for 1000+cfm. This makes for a garment that breathes like fleeces, but with much more warmth for the weight. These work out to be about the same weight and breathability of 4008 Alpha Direct fleece, but with far more warmth and better loft retention when wet.

Wearing with a pack (zippered version only) -Typically, to put on your insulation, you have to remove your pack, put the item on and put the pack back on over it. Then once you do this, the insulation in the garment gets compressed under the pack and under the pack straps. These areas tend to get wet with sweat and the long term compression combined with the sweat oils pressed into the insulation degrades it heavily. The Climashield Pullover/Jacket has a top snap that allows the garment to be put on/taken off over backpack straps, without removing the pack. The jacket is put on backwards and snapped at the top behind your neck/over the straps. The bottom can be connected with the zipper by your lower back/below the pack, or tucked in without connecting the zipper, or left to hang along the edge of the pack. This leaves the pack against your back and the jacket cinched along it, but not under it, or under only a small portion. If you are wearing the jacket forward, the top snap also keeps the jacket secure while allowing you to open the zipper for ventilation.

If I had to bring just one insulating layer for most environments, this would be it. Super light, breathable, good ventilation, holds up in wet weather, dries extremely fast, and has enough insulation in the 2.5oz/yd APEX to provide inactive warmth too.

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  1. Daniel

    I purchased this jacket with the cloud 71 fabric and love it. The breathable outer with the insane insulation value of climashield makes this a great active layer in cold temps or a great camp layer when paired with the hyper D jacket. I haven’t taken it out on the trail yet, but it served me very well for running in January temps of single digits. I also tried putting it on backwards over my backpack straps which is super comfy and protects the insulation from being compressed underneath the straps (there is a button to clasp the collar together behind your neck and you can zip the coat behind your lower back). Overall, this is simply a very well thought out jacket.

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