Down Socks (Stock)


Ultralight, ultra-warm sleep sock. 1.4 ounces to 1.7 ounces.

900fp Hyperdry down

1.5″ Calculated Loft

The HyperD version is built from Uncalendared HyperD. It has a really nice feel against skin and is highly breathable. Uncalendared fabrics often fail to hold in low fill power down because it is filled with many quills. However, when used with high quality, high fill power down that has hardly any quills, it holds in very well, the fabric feels much nicer against the skin, and has a much higher breathability.

Argon / Silpoly version uses the Sil as an inner vapor barrier, which increases warmth and reduces moisture escaping.

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Olive HyperD, no ankle cinch, EU 38 – 42 (1.4oz), Grey HyperD, removable ankle cinch, EU 38 – 42 (1.5oz), Grey Argon 90 outer / Grey silpoly inner, removable ankle cinch, EU 42 – 47 (1.7oz)


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