Waterbear Balaclava – Climashield

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26″ around the circumference

32″ from neck, up and over, to neck on other side.

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Ever have trouble sleeping because you’re breathing cold air, even though your body is toasty warm in a sleeping bag? This hood utilizes climashield and mesh to create a super breathable tunnel around your face so that there is always a pocket that warms the air before you breathe it. The opening is adjustable so that you can adjust the rate of air exchange and even fold it back in if needed. The climashield/mesh is so breathable that you can even close it down and breathe right through it. Climashield is exceptional at dealing with moisture so that condensation from your breath will not cause the batting to lose loft. In the morning you just shake it out and it dries super fast. The body is also built with 2.5oz/yd Climashield with a mesh inner shell for excellent moisture mitigation.

The Waterbear can be used as head insulation during the day as well, providing an opportunity to lighten your load by using one piece of gear for two purposes. For ultimate modular adjustment bring a light Waterbear and a hat. This way you can adjust for different temperatures on the fly. For instance, hood/hat on cold nights and just the hat when active on cool days. For further explanation on non-integrated hoods seeĀ http://www.timmermade.com/non-integrated-hood-sleep-systems.html

Approximate weight – 2.1oz

Comfortable low temperature range is estimated at 20 – 30f without a hat, below with a hat. How much lower is dependent on the hat used.

Weight 0.1 kg

1 review for Waterbear Balaclava – Climashield

  1. Ron

    This balaclava is a game changer for me. I use it both backpacking in the winter and while camping in the roof top tent. I pair it with a Thermarest Ohm for backpacking which is perfect. I’ve pieced together a pretty modular sleep system and this fits right in to extend the range of the Ohm (along with a Cumulus Magic 125). The Waterbear works great but does create a problem. While using you may want to open up the drawstring a bit, but when you do you immediately realize how much warmth you are losing. It can be startling to wake up in the middle of the night and feel enclosed/claustrophobic but I generally get used to it. The circumference around the neck is a bit restrictive for me, offering two sizes would possibly help. Overall, it works as intended, is light and compact, and can extend the range of existing equipment or help you piece together a more modular sleep system that covers a wide range of temperatures.

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