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Argon/Cimashield/Cloud Mitten (Stock)


These mittens are built with an Argon 90 outer shell, 2.5oz Climashield APEX insulation, and a Cloud 71 mesh inner shell. They are significantly warmer than the Alpha option, while maintaining the same breathability, and only increasing the weight by a tenth of an ounce. The inner mesh is nice against the skin, even when wet and dries extremely fast. The wrist is long enough to keep a good overlap with a sleeve and is finished with a cinchable elastic drawcord that is fully removable if you don’t want it (removes about .1oz). They are built in an ultralight hiker style with an Argon 90 palm. If you needed reinforcement for more technical use, it might be possible.

Total length from bottom to fingertip is approximately 11″

Finger length from thumb junction to tip is approximately 6.5″

Thumb length from junction to tip is approximately 3.5″

Circumference is approximately 12″

Weight is approximately 1.3oz

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Charcoal Grey, Brick Red, Dark Olive


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