Hand Warmer Pocket


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Argon 67 outer shell / 2.5oz Climashield APEX insulation / Cloud 71 inner shell

1 ounce

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Pockets that are integrated into puffy garments are very detrimental to the warmth they provide. Since the Timmermade down sweaters are primarily focused on providing exceptional warmth to weight, anything that causes that much harm, is omitted. Don’t get me wrong, pockets are REALLY nice to have. Essential a lot of the time actually. They just don’t belong attached to a delicate puffy layer.

Read more here https://timmermade.com/2023/03/why-no-pockets/

This hand warmer provides a solution. It creates a warm space where you can put your hands, without compromising the loft of your down sweater. The weight of your hands / arms is supported by the hip cord of the hand warmer, instead of the shells of the down sweater. The insulation is Climashield APEX and the inner shell is Cloud 71. These perform great together in moist conditions in case your hands are wet. The APEX retains loft when wet and the Cloud 71 doesn’t have that sticky / clammy feeling the nylon gets when wet.

Aside from the obvious performance advantages, this hand warmer is also lighter and less expensive than the pockets we used to install on down puffy jackets. It is the perfect addition to the SUL and SDUL series sweaters.

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