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MegaZip Silpoly


This is a made-to-order item. Not in stock. See the home page for the made-to-order lead time.

Available on backorder

Moroccan Blue
Dark Olive
Charcoal Grey
Select a size. The dimensions listed are the garment dimensions, not body measurements. Fully read the applicable sizing page and follow all procedures. If desired garment dimensions are not shown here, fill in the custom sizing box. Size based returns are not accepted. However, post sale modification may be available at an hourly rate.
XS dimensions (inches) : Shoulders - 44, Torso - 22, Back - 26, Chest - 42, Midsection - 40, Hips - 38, Arm - 25, Arm hole - 22, Bicep - 15, Neck - 25 (pullover) / 19 (full zip)
S dimensions (inches) : Shoulders - 47, Torso - 24, Back - 28, Chest - 46, Midsection - 44, Hips - 42, Arm - 27, Arm hole - 23, Bicep - 15.5, Neck - 25 (pullover) / 20 (full zip)
M dimensions (inches) : Shoulders - 52, Torso - 26, Back - 29, Chest - 50, Midsection - 48, Hips - 46, Arm - 29, Arm hole - 25, Bicep - 16.5, Neck - 25 (pullover) / 21 (full zip)
L dimensions (inches) : Shoulders - 56, Torso - 28, Back - 32, Chest - 53, Midsection - 52, Hips - 50, Arm - 31, Arm hole - 26, Bicep - 17, Neck - 25 (pullover) / 21 (full zip) (+$10.00)
XL dimensions (inches) : Shoulders - 58, Torso - 30, Back - 34, Chest - 57, Midsection - 55, Hips - 54, Arm - 33, Arm hole - 28, Bicep - 19, Neck - 25 (pullover) / 22 (full zip) (+$10.00)
If you would like a custom fit, enter the desired garment dimensions here. Please enter all of them or select a stock size and enter the specific dimensions you would like to change here. Do not enter body measurements. Not all requests can be accommodated. Size based returns are not accepted. However, post sale modification may be available at an hourly rate. Questions should not be entered here.
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The Mega Zip Pullover takes mechanical ventilation to a whole new level. The entire garment can unzip on the sides, from the hip, up the torso, down the sleeve, all the way to the wrist. The zippers are water resistant and have two sliders so that the opening can be any size and at any point along the length. You can just open the pit area, just the torso, just the arm, or open the whole thing. There are also three snaps along the length of zipper on each side so that you can open for ventilation but keep the sides connected to remain protected from rain. You can also open the whole zipper and unsnap all the snaps and have about the most ventilation you could ever want. Since the zipper is on the bottom of the sleeve where it is protected from the rain and the torso sides are protected from rain by the arms, you can open up a huge amount without exposing your layers to incoming precipitation. When the sleeve zippers are open you can even pull your arms right out. When the torso is unzipped, you can stuff your hands into the front, which creates space for airflow and warms hands. This all creates poncho-level ventilation to keep you dry, but also allows you to fully close up for warmth and high winds.

It is built from impermeable fabrics that will not wet out or absorb water. 1.1oz/yd2 polyester fabric impregnated with 100% silicone.

There is a hood face shock cord, a rear cinch so the hood can be loose fitting or snug, and a waist shock cord. The hood face cord, rear cinch cord, and waist cord are all removable if desired.


5.2 oz with 1/4 front zip added in standard size medium


Weight .2 kg


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