SUL 1.1 Down Pant


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Medium – 5.5oz


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The SUL (super ultralight) series garments are aimed at pushing weight as low as possible for a given fill amount, without compromising function.

Fill type – 900fp Hyperdry goose down

Total weight – 5.5oz (medium)

SUL 1.1 down pants with 5″ wide baffle spacing and 1.1″ calculated loft. This is a solid, comfortable at freezing, 3 season pant for the average person.

All non-essential sewn through lines have been eliminated so the down can loft and cold spots are reduced. Simplicity and reduced weight and bulk are not the only benefits of all this. Leaving off many tedious features also reduces our labor and allows us to offer a very affordable pant at an extremely low weight.

More warmth out of less fill Sewn Through Baffle Construction and Its Effect on Warmth – Timmermade

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